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Few areas of the body can profoundly impact one’s psyche and emotional well-being more than the genitalia and the resulting concerns during intimacy. An enlarged labia minora can impact your confidence and be uncomfortable in clothing and bathing suits or even cause pain during sexual activity. Labiaplasty can help reduce these concerns.

A labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery that corrects an enlarged labia minora. The labia minora is also known as the inner vaginal lips. When you have uneven labia, excess skin can extend past the labia majora, which are the outer vaginal lips. The overall goal of a labiaplasty is to correct the labia minora, so it is in between your labia majora. This procedure provides a more aesthetically pleasing result that can help with sexual dysfunction and improve confidence in clothes such as bathing suits. 

During your consultation, Dr. Rankin will consider your genital anatomy and provide a plan to best fit your goals. Many women after having a labiaplasty feel less self-conscious about their genitals and can wear tighter clothing comfortably.

Generally, a labiaplasty takes approximately two hours to complete and is an outpatient procedure. A labiaplasty works by removing the excess tissue from the labia minora. At NorCal Plastic Surgery, we often use general anesthesia to perform labiaplasties, though some patients opt for local anesthesia, which numbs the general genital area. Dr. Rankin can perform two types of incisions that serve different purposes. 

“Trim Method” 

The trim method or the linear resection technique is a type of incision that goes along the edge of the labia minora. It is called the trim method because it ‘trims’ along the edges of the uneven labia minora to level out the appearance of the whole genital area. 

“Wedge Method” 

The central wedge method is more involved than the trim method. Otherwise called the central method, it is more complex because of the type of incisions and the overall surgical approach. During this procedure, Dr. Rankin makes smaller, shorter incisions across the labia minora. The wedge allows for more control over various aspects of the labia minora in order to allow for a very natural, tailored appearance. Many consider the wedge incision to look more natural and it also results in a less obvious scar.

A full recovery from a labiaplasty can take up to a week or two, depending on which type of incision Dr. Rankin uses. Most patients will take off work during that time to rest and recover. After your procedure, we will provide you with instructions for the best aftercare while healing. During your recovery time, you will experience discomfort, swelling, bruising, and possibly some spotting. 

We strongly recommend you take the time to recover and not overdo any strenuous physical activities. Elevating your pelvis while you lie down can be important to your recovery. Short walks around the house within twenty-four hours post-op can help circulation and prevent any blood clots from forming. You may return to your regular exercise after you fully recover. 

Dr. Rankin uses sutures that are dissolvable. They will start to dissolve over the next few weeks. After six weeks, you may use a tampon or start having intercourse with your partner again. Having intercourse or using a tampon before you are fully healed may prolong your recovery time.

Good candidates for labiaplasty feel self-conscious or have trouble having sexual intercourse due to an uneven or excessive labia minora. Ideal candidates should have realistic expectations and goals about labiaplasty and what it can accomplish. Most people who have these symptoms can benefit from a labiaplasty.

How much labiaplasty costs will depend on several different aspects, including your location, anesthesia, and your surgeon’s experience. The average cost for labiaplasty is $6,000- $7,000. During your consultation, we will determine the exact cost of your specific surgical procedure.

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