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We are all busy, which is why downtime is always a consideration when deciding about the best route to achieve your goals. I do my best to discuss all options available to you that will achieve your goals, maximize quality of life and minimize downtime. On one end of the spectrum is non-surgical means of facial rejuvenation (botox, fillers) or fat reduction (CoolSculpting) and the other is surgery.


In general terms, non-surgical interventions have no downtime or maybe a couple of days swelling and rarely bruising. Surgical interventions tend to carry more downtime, typically 1-2 weeks and swelling or bruising is typical. The trade off is the efficiency with which the intervention accomplishes your goals. Non-surgical interventions tend to lead to step-wise progression and the results can be temporary while surgical results achieve immediate, durable results.


Therefore, recovery for non-surgical interventions typically means no strenuous activity or facials following your treatment and the application of cool compresses for about 20 minutes per hour in order to minimize any swelling.

Recovery after a surgical procedure is a little more complicated but that’s where we pride ourselves on providing a well designed post-operative recovery plan. In other words, we provide an Enhanced Recovery Pathway that starts before your surgical procedure.

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