Frequently Asked Questions

At NorCal Plastic Surgery, we provide patients with a comfortable, welcoming environment. We want you to feel heard and understood. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals, and Dr. Rankin and our staff will work diligently to provide compassionate patient care. Read our patient testimonials below!

I find the greatest reward from improving my patients’ quality of life. I have always had an appreciation for the human body. When I was younger, this was expressed through sculpting and drawing and eventually working as a personal trainer while I was in college. Plastic surgery was the natural progression as few other surgical specialists are able to work on so many parts of the body.

In contrast to general surgery, plastic surgery provides me with a different relationship with my patients. All of our work as plastic surgeons is very visible and I get to work closely with my patients in order to achieve their desired results. I get to share in their success. The ultimate expression of this is facial rejuvenation. Our faces are always exposed and the way we interact with the world. Because the face does not tolerate error, surgery of the face carries the highest risk and the highest reward. Most of us do not feel the age that our face reflects. I find it incredibly rewarding to help people achieve their goals.

Plastic surgery emphasizes form and function and I believe aesthetic surgery is the pinnacle of that goal. From the office to the surgery itself, my patients should sense the thoroughness with which I strive to optimize their experience and outcomes. I want my patients to feel full confidence that they can trust my staff and I to care for them. My patients can expect full discretion whether they are from the San Francisco Bay Area or traveling from out of town. My patients should expect consistent, safe, and natural outcomes with downtime tailored to their lifestyle.

Due to age, weight loss or otherwise, we all have physical attributes that don’t fit with our self-perception or goals. I want my patients surgical outcomes to be aligned with their self-perception. Thankfully for advances in medicine, we are all living longer lives. We are all more active and driven than ever. More and more people look in the mirror and wonder who that “old” person is. Due to better techniques and a better understanding of the aging process, my patients’ energy and youthfulness will be seen in their reflection.

When I began planning the ideal practice, I had a vision. It’s patient centric, efficient, and has an amazing, talented, and service oriented staff. I have had the chance to visit various practices and discuss practice management with many surgeons throughout the United States and I am very excited to now offer the culmination of my travels, studies and experience to the bay area that I call home.

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