Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is an incredible way to enhance your figure. Whether you are looking for a way to fill out your outfit or want to rejuvenate your appearance after pregnancy, breast augmentation can help you achieve your goals confidently.

Breast augmentation is a safe procedure involving either the traditional route of receiving breast implants or breast fat grafting, which transfers fat from unwanted areas of the body to your breasts. 

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure. Many of our patients have surgery on Friday and can return to work on Monday. We use a long-acting local anesthetic during all breast surgeries that lasts for  three days after your surgery. This medication helps reduce narcotic use, making you comfortable without being nauseous, groggy, or constipated. 

With breast augmentation, there are many sizes and considerations. When picking the size of your implant, the implant must fit your body type. Unless you have an identical twin, no two patients will have the same anatomy, so we will take measurements to ensure the most natural-appearing results that fit your body and achieve your aesthetic goals.

If you are getting breast augmentation with breast implants, the implant will be placed behind the chest muscle in most cases. There are a few exceptions where the breast implant is placed over the chest muscle due to the activity level you may enjoy. 

At NorCal Plastic Surgery, we use gummy bear implants, which are smooth, round implants that will enhance the appearance of your natural breast, safely. They are among the safest and most commonly used implants for breast augmentation. 

Breast implants do not cause breast cancer or any other systemic diseases. Numerous studies have shown no difference in survival between augmented and nonaugmented patients with breast cancer. Studies have also shown you may continue your recommended breast cancer screening with mammograms or any other technology recommended by your primary care physician.

There are also a few options for placement of the incision, such as under the armpit, along the border of the areola, and under the breast. During your initial consultation, we will determine implant placement and incision type.

Breast augmentation can also be achieved with breast fat grafting, which uses liposuction to collect the fat and then small cannulae to graft the fat into the breasts. Many women also combine breast augmentation with a breast lift, which can help improve breast sagging.

Recovery from breast augmentation can take four to six weeks. During your recovery, we recommend only doing low-stress activities for the first two weeks, such as short walks and regular household activities. At two-weeks post op, we recommend you begin some low impact cardio like exercising with an elliptical or stair master, or hiking if you prefer being outdoors.

After four weeks, you can begin to reintroduce resistance training with no chest exercise. For breast augmentation patients, we recommend no chest exercises until about eight to twelve weeks after surgery to ensure that the precise location of the implant does not shift in an unwanted direction. 

If you are preparing for an event, we recommend having your breast augmentation no less than eight to twelve weeks before the event to ensure proper garment sizing and total activity.

Healthy women desiring larger breasts with more cleavage are good candidates for breast augmentation. We recommend three months between breastfeeding and breast augmentation surgery. However, after a breast augmentation, you can still breastfeed. The implant is placed behind the chest muscle in most cases, with few exceptions, though some candidates may require another technique.

How much breast augmentation can cost will depend on your surgeon and the area you live in, but generally, breast augmentation with silicone implants will cost between $7,000 to $9,000. This general cost includes the operating room fees and the care you receive from an anesthesiologist.

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