Skin laxity is a common concern regarding getting older or losing weight. Loose skin can be uncomfortable in clothing, and its appearance can cause insecurity. SkinTyte™ can help reverse sagging skin without surgery or downtime.

SkinTyte™ is a non-surgical treatment that involves tightening the skin for a smoother, more toned appearance. Using infrared light technology, SkinTyte™ heats the deeper layers of the skin to boost collagen production and help the body’s natural healing processes. These mechanisms help to tighten skin laxity.  

There are various benefits with SkinTyte™. These include working on a variety of skin types and tones, treating facial and neck skin laxity, and being more affordable than an alternative surgery.

SkinTyte™ works by using the body’s natural processes to build collagen production. When we age, we progressively lose collagen in our skin. With the use of SkinTyte™ treatments, collagen grows exponentially over time. As collagen develops, a skin tightening effect addresses skin laxity in the neck and the face, providing a more youthful appearance. 

Before your SkinTyte™ procedure, you should stop taking blood thinners. You also should not have any open sores or an infection in the treatment area. If you are a male, you should shave the face or neck as closely as possible to make sure SkinTyte™ can work best. 

During your treatment, one of our providers will apply the gel over the treatment area. As we pass the SkinTyte™ device over the skin, you will feel the pulses of infrared light. These pulses are not painful and have more of a warming effect. Many say it is relaxing, and the gel helps keep the treatment area cool. A SkinTyte™ session can last up to an hour depending on the number of areas treated.

Afterward, the treatment area may look pink for approximately thirty minutes to an hour. There is no downtime with SkinTyte™, and you can return to your routine after your treatment session. 

You should apply sunscreen after your SkinTyte™ procedure, and your skin should not be directly exposed to the sun. We recommend sunscreen for a few days because the skin will be especially sensitive to any sun exposure. 

Results are not immediate after you have SkinTyte™. At NorCal Plastic Surgery, we recommend having at least three treatments spaced about one month apart for the best results. It will take up to four months for collagen to rebuild and tighten the skin. Some patients also maintain their results with a session every year. 

After having your full treatments with SkinTyte™, you will have results that will last approximately two years, depending on age, weight gain, exercise, or skin maintenance. We recommend still using sunscreen on your face, neck, and other treatment areas as much as possible to prolong your results.

A good candidate for SkinTyte™ treatments is someone who has moderate skin laxity. Ideal candidates should be healthy overall and find surgery unnecessary to achieve their goals realistically. Women who are pregnant, have taken Accutane in the last six months, or people who work at a job with direct sun exposure should not have SkinTyte™ treatment.

How much SkinTyte™ costs will depend on how many treatments you need, your provider’s experience, and your location. The average cost of SkinTyte™ is $1,175. This cost does not include multiple treatments. During your consultation, we will help determine how much the full cost of SkinTyte™ will be.

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