Lip Lift

If you struggle with the appearance of thin lips, you are not alone. A lip lift can increase the volume of your lips and sculpt their overall shape and appearance.

A lip lift is a procedure that shortens the distance between the philtrum, or the distance between the top lip and the nose. With the distance of the philtrum shortened, it increases the definition of the lip and provides a better lip shape. 

Central Lip Lift 

During a central lip lift, an incision is made at the lower part of the nose to shorten the distance between the lips and the nose. This procedure is an excellent choice for facial rejuvenation as the upper lip can elongate during the aging process. The scar is well hidden in the natural crease where the nose meets the face.

Generally, a lip lift takes approximately one hour to complete. Before the procedure, Dr. Rankin will inject lidocaine into the lip area to maximize your comfort. He will also outline the shape prior to surgery to ensure you achieve the shape you desire. 

During the lip lift procedure, Dr. Rankin will make an incision between the lip and nose, using either an upper lip or incision at the base of the nose. 

Dr. Rankin will determine the length between the nose and the lip that needs to be altered. Many procedures involve shortening the philtrum to 5-10 mm, but this will be adjusted to best suit your unique face shape and appearance.

For twenty-four hours after your procedure, you should relax and avoid strenuous activities. You should also avoid smoking both before and after surgery to promote healing. Dr. Rankin will give you full aftercare instructions for your lip lift. 

While there are visible results present immediately after a lip lift, it can take around three months to see the true results, as swelling subsides and scar quality improves. 

Compared to lip fillers, a lip lift is a more permanent way to achieve fuller lips that can last for several years. You may opt for lip fillers later on as you age since aging can lead to volume loss in the lips over time.

Almost anyone of any age can get a lip lift. Older people who want to reverse signs of aging in the lips can often find that a lip lift helps them appear more youthful. Younger people can also have a lip lift if they want a more permanent solution than lip filler or overlining their lips with makeup.

An ideal candidate for a lip lift should:

  • Have thin or undefined lips
  • Be a non-smoker as nicotine can slow healing, and the sucking motion can damage lips over time
  • Have realistic goals for their lip lift procedure
  • Be generally healthy 

Patients who shouldn’t have a lip lift don’t have a lot of space between their nose and top lip. If you are a smoker, you need to quit before and after surgery for several weeks.

How much a lip lift costs can depend on the location of your provider and their experience. Overall, the average cost of a lip lift is between $2,000 and $5,000. A lift lip is not covered by insurance because it is a cosmetic procedure that is not considered to be medically necessary.

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