Body Lift

Whether via diet and exercise or surgery, you’ve lost a massive amount of weight. This is an incredible accomplishment, and you should be very proud of what you have achieved. However, you may have found that your skin has not recoiled as hoped. A body lift can help you get rid of excess skin.

Often after bariatric surgery or drastic weight loss, patients can have loose, excess skin. At NorCal Plastic Surgery, a body lift involves two simultaneous procedures – An abdominoplasty and a butt lift. During both procedures, Dr. Rankin removes excess skin and fat from these areas for a more tightened appearance. 

A body lift can be a permanent solution to excess skin and boosts the confidence of someone who has had loose skin. If you maintain and are happy with your weight, Dr. Rankin can perform a body lift on you.

Multiple procedures are required to address the excess skin in most patients. While they tighten or remove excess skin and involve general anesthesia, these procedures have variances. 


An Abdoimnoplasty involves Dr. Rankin creating incisions hidden along the lower aspect of the stomach where the incisions can be hidden by a bathing suit. He will contour the tissue to fit your desired thigh shape. An abominoplasty surgery can take anywhere from two to three  hours for Dr. Rankin to complete. 

Butt Lift

With a butt lift, Dr. Rankin will create an incision that will extend across the top of the buttocks, between both hips. Then, he will remove excess fat and tighten the excess skin. This surgery can take up to three hours as well. 

Overall, when he performs the two surgeries together, the time it takes to finish them can take approximately six to eight hours. He will use dissolvable stitches to close the incisions.

After a body lift, we recommend you have someone drive you home because you will have just been under general anesthesia. A trusted family member or friend will need to also help you with daily activities for the first days of your recovery. 

Dr. Rankin will give you a recovery timeline after your procedure, but a body lift can generally take anywhere from two to three months to recover from. Many of our patients will take one to two weeks off work to ensure they properly recover from their body lift. This will depend on the demands of your job.

We also recommend you avoid strenuous activities such as intense exercise for four weeks after a body lift. This is because exercise can inihibit proper healing during the early recovery period.

Early results are noticeable almost immediatly due to the fact that skin will be removed. The full results of a body lift can take a few to six months to see visibly because your body will still be swollen after the procedure. Your skin will need time to recover and settle into the new shape that Dr. Rankin has contoured for you. The results are permanent, as long as you do not gain weight drastically afterward. Not maintaining your weight can alter your appearance once again and reverse the results of your body lift.

Good candidates for a body lift have excess skin either because of bariatric surgery or weight loss in general. Ideal candidates should be at their ideal weight to have the best outcome. You should be within ten pounds of your weight goals or at least stabilized at your weight for six months or longer.

The average cost of a body lift will depend on the number of procedures you have, your surgeon’s experience, and your location. The average cost of a body lift, including some procedures, is $15,000 to $22,000. We will finalize the cost of your body lift during your consultation.

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