Many women desire thicker, longer eyelashes. Latisse® can help you achieve those luscious lashes without having to use mascara.

Many people suffer from hypotrichosis, otherwise known as sparse eyelashes. Some people can lose eyelashes due to stress or various illnesses, and others are simply born with fewer or thinner lashes. Eyelashes can also get thinner and shorter with age, so restoring the eyelashes can give your eyes a more youthful look. 

Latisse® is the only FDA-approved serum for filling out thinning eyelashes. Latisse® is a prescription treatment for cosmetic lash thickening. 

There are several benefits to Latisse®:

  • Thickens the overall appearance of lashes
  • Boosts lash growth 
  • Can be used with contact lenses
  • A safe, medical-grade treatment
  • Enhances the look of the eyes
  • Draws positive attention to the face

The main ingredient in Latisse® is bimatoprost, a type of fatty acid that promotes the growth cycle of lashes. Bimatoprost already occurs in our body naturally, which helps hair grow. When used on eyelashes, it increases the thickness, darkness, and length.

You can apply Latisse® easily at home. Before you apply Latisse® to your lashes, ensure that you have no mascara on and have a clean face. You also should not wear contacts during the Latisse® application. Then, using the thin applicator brush, apply a thin layer of Latisse® starting from your eyelid’s inner corner and extending to the outer base of the eyelashes. 

Afterward, wipe any excess product from the eyes. We recommend leaving your contacts out for fifteen minutes after applying the serum. You should only apply Latisse®  once a day, as using it multiple times a day will not increase the benefits.

There is no downtime after using Latisse®. While Latisse® is a safe and effective treatment for small and thin lashes, some rare side effects exist. There may be redness surrounding the skin of the eyelid. There also may be some darkening of the eyes from the product that is noticeable in people with green eyes. 

Latisse® is not a permanent solution but an enhancement for those with thinner lashes. When you stop using the serum, the benefits will decrease. We can prescribe more Latisse® when you run out. 

The results of Latisse® are not apparent until a few weeks after starting. Latisse® is a once-a-day treatment that you will perform at home for approximately two months to see the full results. A growth cycle for eyelashes is roughly the same time, so it is good to ensure you use the product daily.

If you are self-conscious about having thinner eyelashes, you may be a good candidate for Latisse®. Ideal candidates should have lashes that have trouble growing or look wispy. You should also have realistic goals for what Latisse® can do for your eyelashes, as it is not a permanent solution to eyelash loss, lack of length, and thickness.

How much Latisse® costs will depend on where you get the prescription. The average price of Latisse® is $125. Call our office and speak with a staff member to discuss the final cost of Latisse® and how it can help you gain fuller lashes.

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