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Taking care of your skin is one of the essential aspects of aesthetics, and it is also important for overall health. Medical-grade skin care products can help you address specific skin concerns as well as maintain more youthful-looking skin long-term.

Medical-grade skin care products contain higher levels of active ingredients than the skin care products that you can buy over the counter at the drug store. These products also undergo thorough research to ensure that they are safe and effective. Medical-grade skin care is often dramatically more effective at treating specific skin concerns since the ingredients are more potent.

At NorCal Plastic Surgery, we offer products by Skin Presence MD.

There are five basic skin care steps you can take for glowing skin: 


Various facial cleansers can address different skin concerns, from simple daily cleansers to potent acne cleansers. There are also varying formulations of cleansers and types:

  • Foaming Cleansers: Ideal for combination-type skin due to its thicker consistency, foaming cleanser requires lathering in your hands prior to cleaning your skin. 
  • Cream Cleansers: This type of cleanser is geared towards drier skin because it provides extra moisturization and is also gentler on sensitive skin. 
  • Gel Cleansers: These cleansers are more suited for oily skin because they often have exfoliating properties and do not strip the skin of its natural oils, which can lead to the over-production of sebum in oilier skin types. 


Exfoliators help remove dead and damaged cells from the skin’s surface, leading to a smoother skin texture. Exfoliating can also help your other skin care products penetrate the skin more effectively. One of the most popular types of exfoliators is a gel-like consistency with microbeads. We also carry exfoliating pads to unclog pores and promote smoother skin. 

At NorCal Plastic Surgery, we would like to note that exfoliation is a step that should only be repeated up to three times a week. Over-exfoliation can lead to excess oil production for oily skin and roughness and sensitivity for dry skin. 


You should apply serums before putting on moisturizer. Skin care serums are more lightweight than creams and help the skin to absorb moisturizers more efficiently. Serums can also target specific skin concerns, such as fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, and uneven pigmentation. Serums often contain key ingredients of retinol, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. 


Moisturizers top off a skin care regimen with extra hydration. Moisturizer is important for all skin types, despite the common belief that oily skin does not need it. Moisturizers commonly include ingredients like hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and ceramides. Some moisturizing cremes can also contain stem cells or retinol for more impactful benefits.  


Sunscreen is extremely important to apply, as consistent sun exposure can lead to more visible aging, brown spots, and sun damage. We offer mineral sunscreen and chemical sunscreen to  help you protect your skin. Mineral sunscreen is more surface level and can be effective immediately after application. Chemical sunscreen is effective after twenty minutes but settles deeper into the skin. Either option protects your skin from harmful UV rays.

There is no downtime associated with a typical skin care routine. Skin care regimens are noninvasive, and you should perform them daily. Some harsher products, such as exfoliators or retinol, should be used less frequently. Follow the directions on the packaging to ensure you are not over-using a product. You can also speak to one of our skin experts at NorCal Plastic Surgery to confirm application frequency.

Everyone should use at least a few basic skin care products to keep their skin clean and healthy long-term. People with specific skin concerns can also benefit from a skin care routine that is optimized for their unique skin type and tone. To build a customized skin care routine, speak to a staff member at NorCal Plastic surgery, and we can help tailor your skin care to reach your personal skin goals.

How much your skin care will cost depends on your end goal, the products you choose, and how many products you implement into your routine. We can help determine which skin care products are right for you and give you exact pricing information on the products that interest you.

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