Chemical Peels

Aging and skin conditions can cause your skin to lose its brightness and becomes duller in appearance. Chemical peels can help restore the brightness of your skin and remove wrinkles.

Chemical peels are one of the most popular non-surgical treatments for the skin. A chemical peel is a skin treatment that involves using an acidic, chemical solution to exfoliate the surface of the skin. Our staff at NorCal Plastic Surgery can customize these solutions to suit your skin needs. 

 There are several benefits to chemical peels, including:

  • Boosting the speed of cell turnover 
  • Better collagen production 
  • Brighter, youthful skin 
  • Lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Evening out the complexion
  • Minimizing acne scarring, active acne, and sun damage

As we get older, the deeper layer of our skin, the dermis, becomes thinner and more uneven. Dull skin can also be caused by an accumulation of dead skin cells and debris on the skin’s surface. A chemical peel can eliminate that buildup and brighten up the skin and deeper peels can actually smooth fine lines and wrinkles. They help exfoliate old skin cells at a variable depth for a variety of skin benefits.

Different depths of chemical peels can be achieved with different acids that we can customize to fit your skin type. The three depths of chemical peels include: 

Light Chemical Peels

Light chemical peels only exfoliate the very top layer of the skin. Acids are at a lower strength than the other two depths, making light chemical peels ideal for patients just starting out with these treatments. Often people can have a facial along with a light chemical peel to optimize results. 

Medium Chemical Peels

Medium chemical peels affect the top layer of the skin and the beginning of the deeper layer of the skin, or the dermis. A medium chemical peel will enter the first few layers of the dermis, treating more moderate skin conditions, such as hyperpigmentation and deeper wrinkles. 

Deep Chemical Peels

A deep chemical peel will penetrate even further into the dermis. At this depth, this type of chemical peel will treat more severe skin conditions, such as severe acne scarring and sun damage. 

Deep chemical peels will require down time because of the strength of the acids used and the extent of the treatment. Usually, we use a local anesthetic to ensure you are comfortable during your deep chemical peel treatment.

Downtime following a chemical peel depends on the depth of your chemical peel treatment. You should avoid direct sun exposure after any chemical peel, regardless of depth. We recommend you do not pick at the peeling skin during recovery because this can lead to scarring. 

For light and medium chemical peels, the downtime is similar. Because of the redness and flaking, you will need two to four days of social downtime. Your skin will look and feel similar to a sunburn at first, and following aftercare instructions is important. 

Deep chemical peels require more downtime compared to the other two depths. The downtime can last up to three  weeks after you have a deep chemical peel. During this time, the skin will first become red, and will require the application of a heavy ointment like Aquaphor. As the skin re-epithelializes, the fresh new skin will be smoother and more vibrant.

Depending on the depth, most people are good candidates for a chemical peel. Ideal candidates do not have skin sensitivity.

The average cost for a chemical peel is $375. The cost will depend on the depth of the chemical peel, your provider, and your location. During your consultation, we will help determine the cost of your chemical peel.

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