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Spider veins and varicose veins are prevalent, with 30% to 60% of adults having them. These conditions develop more frequently in women and are more common with age. Many people feel self-conscious about their spider veins, especially when they occur on the legs or face. Laser vein removal can help minimize and even eliminate spider veins.

Laser vein removal is a non-invasive laser treatment that clears up the appearance of spider veins. Spider veins form from damaged blood vessels under the skin, which develop a web-like, red appearance. They can appear on the face, legs, and arms. 

Spider vein development can depend on several factors, including genetics, pregnancy, sun exposure, alcohol use, and more. Regardless of how they appear on the skin, they make many people self-conscious.

Laser vein removal treatment permanently destroys each spider vein. One of our providers will use a precise laser directed at the treatment areas. The laser transfers energy to the blood cells inside the vein, causing it to collapse. The vein will reabsorb into the body, and its appearance will subside over time. While this may sound intimidating, laser vein removal is safe and can have lasting results without any incisions. 

To prepare for the procedure, you should avoid tanning and taking aspirin for at least two weeks. Before the treatment, we will apply a topical anesthetic that will minimize any discomfort. Laser vein removal does not hurt but can feel like a slight stinging during treatment. 

At NorCal Plastic Surgery, we inform our patients that spider veins can reappear over time on rare occasions. Another laser vein treatment can help successfully eliminate new spider veins once again. The procedure is short and convenient, only lasting up to twenty minutes. We often use laser vein removal on the face, but it is also commonly performed on the legs and arms.

After your laser vein removal session, we will wrap compression garments around your legs or arms, depending on what areas were treated. The treatment area will appear pink from four to eight hours after treatment. During that time, you may also feel a slight stinging sensation. We recommend using an ice pack to minimize discomfort. You will also see some bruising or swelling, which is normal. 

There is no downtime with laser vein removal, and you can resume most of your daily activities afterward. 

We recommend that you take some extra precautions after your treatment session, which include:

  • Not applying makeup or any lotion to the area for twenty-four hours 
  • Protecting the treatment area by not having a hot bath or intense exercise for a week
  • Avoiding roughly massaging the area
  • Not standing for long periods 

One of our providers will give you full aftercare instructions after your treatment session. Generally, you should use at least a 30 SPF sunscreen to protect the treatment area from having a recurrence of spider veins. 

Visible results can take a few weeks to see as your body absorbs the spider veins.

Good candidates are self-conscious of their spider veins and want them removed from visible areas. Ideal candidates should be prepared to follow our provider’s aftercare instructions and have realistic expectations about laser vein removal. You should also be in good physical health, without any underlying medical concerns regarding your spider veins.

How much laser vein removal costs will depend on the extent of your treatment and how many treatments you need. The average cost for laser vein removal is $312. The price may not include extra fees or garments you may receive during your treatment. During your consultation, we will determine the final cost of your laser vein removal treatment and whether you will need multiple sessions.

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