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Breast Reduction

The Problem

Large Breasts typically develop as a teenager and even early on can lead to back pain, headaches, shoulder grooving from bra straps and difficulty finding bras and chronic skin rashes. In addition to the physical manifestations, it can be very difficult to find clothing and bras that fit.   

Once breast growth has stabilized, a breast reduction can also have a positive impact on young women’s self image. Women of all ages can benefit from reduced breast volume. The procedure involves involves removing fat, breast tissue and skin. Along with a reduction in the size of your breast, the breast will be lifted and the areola can be downsized as well to compliment your new, perkier breast.

The Solution

Depending on the size of your breast, we will work with you to find a procedure that is right for you. Some women require only liposuction, while others benefit from a vertical breast reduction, similar to a lollipop lift, that results in smaller scars than the traditional “anchor” technique (Wise pattern breast reduction). 


Breast reduction surgery is an outpatient procedure and its very common for our patients to have their surgery on Friday and return to work on Monday. We like to use a long acting local anesthetic that will last for up to 3 days. At the time of your consultation we will discuss any family plans to make sure that we optimize all aspects of your health and recovery.  If you have any special events coming up, we recommend surgery no less than 8-12 weeks prior to your event to ensure adequate healing and for modifications of any garments. 

Looking to learn more about Large breasts  (Macromastia)? The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has created an excellent resource for patient education. 

Dr. Rankin is one of the most intelligent and caring doctors I have ever had. He is a renowned surgeon and I’m so thankful for his work. Dr. Rankin goes above and beyond to care for his patients, answer questions, and ensure the best outcome. He is incredible! I would recommend him to absolutely everyone!

Breast Reconstruction

Dr Rankin was a referral from a good friend. From the start his knowledge and bedside manner was impeccable. He took all the time needed to explain the procedures I was going to have and assured me that he could get the results I was looking for. What was so encouraging to me is his understanding and patience of how long I had been wanting to do this. After the procedure he was there 24/7 for any questions. He called in additional scripts when needed and even went above and beyond to get some in home therapy services to provide hydration and vitamin therapy! All I can say is Wow! The results are coming, but he has made my journey so much easier and healthier. His knowledge is so expansive not only in surgery but also very resourceful in every aspect of your recovery. Thank you Dr. Rankin!

360 Liposuction

Dr. Rankin is a brilliant surgeon coupled with the most professional comforting bedside manner -a rare combination! Dr. Rankin did the most amazing job closing A three month open wound in my stomach that would not heal. I feel human again - four weeks postop my scar looks amazing! I will definitely refer Dr. Rankin to anyone looking for an excellent plastic surgeon!

Breast Surgery

I had a cancer on my face and he removed it completely and there is hardly any visual or other signs of it whatsoever; he was super in consultation and post operative; needless to say, I'm one happy, very happy patient; I would use him again and recommend him highly.

Mohs Reconstruction

The procedure went great and I’m very happy, excellent work. I had a Asian Rhinoplasty done as well as a Forehead Reduction.

Asian Rhinoplasty and Forehead Reduction

Very knowledgeable and interested in my needs and letting me know how what he suggest and what I need can work together. He was very easy to understand and made me very comfortable


The office staff and Dr. Rankin were all very attentive, took their time, and were very personable. Both the patient care coordinator and Dr. Rankin sat in the office and answered all the questions I had, plus offered other information about the procedures and recovery I had not thought about. They were very transparent about what would and would not give me the best outcome for the areas I was concerned about. They were organized, efficient, and very welcoming

Mommy Makeover

I love Dr.Rankin, he made my experience so comfortable, he knows just what you want, and his Patient Care Coordinator Inger Fredricks is amazing too! I have already recommended him to my friends as they see my., results unfold, and they seem pretty excited to meet him as well! I had a breast augmentation, with a lift. I also had liposuction with Renuvion. I also had a abdominoplasty.

Mommy Makeover

Absolutely excellent. I couldn’t be happier with the results I’m getting and with Dr. Rankin and his staff. The physical result is wonderful - as good or better than I envisioned.

Fantastic Experience and Results

Dr Rankin (and Dr Aycock) have provided a level of expertise and sensitivity to my queries that is unparalleled. They spend as much time and care with their patients and go above and beyond educating and making sure the procedures are perfectly matched to their patients needs and desires. The clinical staff in Ingrid is 24/7 always there and available to support in the kindest way possible! I feel so well taken care of, thank you!


”Dr. Rankin is a highly professional plastic surgeon. My after surgery results are the best ones I have ever seen! Great before and after care and during healing. He is there every step of the way to answer and help with all the questions and concerns.”

Best Breast lift

K.T. Patient
”Dr. Rankin is one of the best young surgeons! He is very caring - listens - just a fantastic personality! Highly Recommended. Dr. Timothy Rankin!!”

Dr. Rankin is Caring

B.L. Patient
”Dr. Rankin transformed my neck from a severe triple chin to one that is well sculpted with appropriate muscles clearly visible. I highly recommend him.”

I had a Triple Chin...

Alan B. Physician/ Patient